A story of passions, dreams, talent and a Solemn Promise of Value

Posted on 9.09.2009

It's been a few years since we decided to transfer our online work of artisans and creative with the ambition to realize a dream : to bring our products eco and bio at home with a click anywhere in the world .
Today we have realized this dream , All the brand took off and our story is told as an example of small artisans with their hands , have started a successful online business .

The first advantage of working with the internet for a craftsman is to save time and money wasted otherwise in fairs and markets which for years has lead receipts from misery. If you can find customers and sell on the web , you have much more time to devote to the production and realization of your creations , the online shop are always open and the shopping experience is more intuitive , fast and safe even mobile.

Every day more and more aspiring online entrepreneurs and business owners have already started, we ask, " but it is sold on the internet? " Our answer is : we are not experts in web marketing, SEO etc. ... simply keen on the idea of ??us can do with our hands and if it worked out great for us , why should not it work for other artisans and creative?

Let's take a cue from our experience to give some practical advice , let's see what are the steps you need to take before you think " I have a brilliant idea , I do a great site , a bit of publicity and sell on the internet"

The Niche, your ideal target

Before thinking means that you will use , focused on : who , what and how you want to communicate on the network.
Do not assume that you have already identified your niche, your ideal target , very often small and large companies fall into this error.

Make a solemn promise of value to your community

Create valuable content to your community is the most important aspect of all , ask yourself this question: what do you want to communicate to your followers ? back to our example, the appearance of our work that is most appreciated by the community is without a doubt to offer free valuable content cared for and appropriate , updated and engaging. The value is given by the quality of the materials we use and exclusively handmade . Other aspects are very much appreciated : the ability to have custom artwork and custom-made , very low cost , live support with the help of social , use of e-commerce simple , intuitive, fast and safe. Without all this how it would be possible to sell online ? you buy it in a shop anonymous things you can not touch ?

If you create a compelling narrative , those who follow you will want to be part of it

Each of us in their own field certainly has a beautiful and compelling story to tell unique and original , made of passions , dreams and talent. Win shyness , put his face and tell your story . Intercept and solve specific problems for those who follow you , do it with style and expertise. Be original, unique, and offer customized solutions. Listen, dialogues and stay always connected with the principles of your community . Select the right customers explaining exactly who you are and how you want to be perceived by the market . Get position in the market with the strengths that make you appreciate your work and the benefits they offer.

Think of the web as your toolbox

Experiment , have fun and use the tools of the web in a creative way , as tools of the trade , you can not imagine how uplifting and funny communicate by posting content , posts, photos , video to tell and share their work day after day to its passionate readers . Syndicate content of others and creates collaborations , finally to be successful in the network must have a social mentality .

Perhaps all this may sound simplistic or reductive , but I can assure you that they are concepts that arise from the experience gained in the field every day. Not only that, as artisans and creative we should make a deep reflection on the crisis of our historic artisan companies , the ancient art shops and traditional crafts is now dying out . Innovation is not only investing in new technologies , I think first and foremost a cultural factor . Believe in Made in Italy , in the spirit , passion , in the genius that has always distinguished from around the world. Today, thanks to new languages ??and new forms of communication, you can redeem this immense heritage and share it anywhere , the internet is the only medium that will allow us to do so.

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